October 18, 2017

Vendor Cohesion

The last thing you need on your big day is confusion, but unfortunately it is something many couples must contend with because their vendors do not work well together. Vendor cohesion is as important as the individual vendors themselves. That is why I like to introduce myself to the vendors that I will be working with, and provide as much help as possible. “Not my job,” is not a phrase that I use when working a wedding. I have pitched in to help vendors in various areas who were shorthanded.


One of your best shots at vendor cohesion is hiring vendors recommended by other vendors. The group wedding industry professionals is relatively small. Many vendors work with each other over and over and have both developed a rapport and an educated opinion of the work quality of other vendors. It is also helpful to run vendors that have been suggested to you through other sources by your hired vendors to get their opinion.


Your chosen venue is also an excellent source for vendor recommendations that will foster cohesion. Venues that frequently host weddings will most likely have a list of preferred vendors, and often those vendors have worked together on other weddings and events. If they have not worked together, they have worked at the particular venue and are familiar with it which also gives you a better shot at vendor cohesion.


Whether you hire vendors who have previously worked together or not, it is a good idea to meet with your vendors at your venue, if possible, before hand. If it is not possible to meet at the venue or in person, a conference call is another option. The important thing is to make sure that everyone understands exactly what your expectations are, and how they fit into the grand scheme.

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