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"Saying you only want to hear a DJ play one genre of music is like going to a restaurant & saying you only want to eat cheese..."

 Over 15 years ago DJ Harlem realized he had an undeniable love for music. He took that passion and began polishing his skills on the turntables. His hard work and dedication led him to become one of the most requested DJ’s. His popularity first came as being known for spinning all the hot reggae hits but he decided to broaden his music genre and diversify his fan base. Harlem’s love for music began at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of music as a child. Born in Harlem, NY, he lived in Brooklyn until the age of 14 then moved to NC. The diverse cultural mecca of New York combined with the cultural influence of the south helped him mold his unique blending of different genres of music. Moving from the North to the South provided him with a unique musical base filled with selections from every genre of music. 


Straight out of high school he enlisted into the Army and served a tour in Iraq. After being honorably discharged he put his love for music to work and started DJ’ing parties at local universities and clubs. Honing his techniques on the Technics, he started to branch out and focus his trained ear on Hip-Hop – tearing through both mainstream and underground sounds, which found him spinning at private events in North Carolina, DC, Atlanta, Virginia, Florida and New York. Harlem has spun for every event imaginable, clubs, weddings, step shows, private parties. He has put in work up and down the east coast doing what he loves to do best. DJ Harlem is mostly known for mixing Caribbean jams such as Reggae, Reggaeton and Hip Hop together in his mixes making him one of the most versatile DJ’s around now.  

Harlem’s unrivaled professionalism and global experience have placed him at the top of the industry and earned him both regional recognition and awards making him one of the most sought after and trusted professional DJs and music experts. Harlem strives to be one of the best at what he does, and it shows in his performances. Harlem’s most favorite saying’s is “I don’t care where you’re from and what background you come from I will make you dance”. Harlem is consistent in bringing forth uplifting and refreshing creative sets in any genre! 


fun facts

DJ Harlem’s Father is a twin, DJ Harlem has a twin sister and now DJ Harlem has twin girls. 

DJ Harlem has never
 broken a bone.

DJ Harlem holds a
MBA in HR Management.

DJ Harlem loves watching documentaries about aliens. Lol! (Don’t judge me) 

DJ Harlem enjoys
paintball as a hobby. 







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