October 18, 2017

Selecting Music For your Wedding

Photographed By Donnell Perry


You know how important music is to your wedding. That is why you are being complete in your research for a DJ. While you can rely on the DJ to make all decisions regarding song choice, it is a good idea to have an idea of what you want. Below are a few tips on making the best musical selections:


  • Go through your various playlists and choose your favorite songs. This something you can do during your morning commute, while you work, while you exercise, etc.
  • Make music selections that will set the mood. You likely have an idea of what type of wedding you are having romantic or casual, trendy or traditional.
  • Consider your audience. It is your day without a doubt, but there is no need to ruffle grandma’s feathers with an Old School style reception musical selection. Consider edited or jazz versions of song favorites that may be too edgy for your more conservative family and friends.


A good DJ will walk through your options with you and give you solid advice on musical selection.

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